Karen Hsu headshot.jpeg

Enlighten PT is excited to welcome Dr. Karen Hsu, DPT to the team as a part-time pelvic floor physical therapist. Karen graduated PT school from the University of Southern California and has been active in exploring orthopedic and pelvic floor physical therapy through clinical work and continuing education ever since. Dr. Casie and Dr. Karen were childhood friends and gymnastics teammates and are both thrilled to be back together this time as a team to help people heal and maximize their pelvic health.

A note from Dr. Karen:

As a new mother, I have been working through my own pelvic floor dysfunction. Having experienced the changes in my own body and pelvic floor, I have come to understand the importance and power of pelvic floor physical therapy. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I wish to empower others experiencing pelvic floor dysfunction to live more functional and pain-free lives. 

I have grown up living an active lifestyle, which has included participation in competitive gymnastics, tennis, and swimming. Currently, I enjoy running, hiking with my daughter, and camping. With a background in orthopedic physical therapy, I see a healthy pelvic floor as equally as important as a healthy knee or shoulder to overall function, activity level, and general well-being. Additionally, as a certified yoga teacher and pilates instructor, I incorporate the holistic, mind-body approach of both practices to healing the pelvic floor.