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The Pelvic Floor as A Key to Your Healing Potential: Centripital Force Studio

  • Centripetal Force 202a Argonne Avenue Long Beach, CA, 90803 United States (map)

Join Casie Danenhauer, DPT for a lecture and discussion exploring the healing potential that sits in our pelvic floors.  Casie will review the anatomy, physiology, and function of the pelvic floor as the basis for our discussion.  She will share her experience and success as a physical therapist working on anatomical structures as a key to pain relief, increased vitality, improved sexual function, and a more fulfilled life.  Common conditions/ concerns that Casie addresses in her pelvic floor practice include:

  • painful intercourse or other sexual difficulties
  • pregnancy, childbirth, and post-natal concerns
  • painful periods
  • pain with sitting and/or postural difficulties
  • bowel or bladder issues
  • chronic low back pain, fibromyalgia, impaired immune system
  • trauma related to the pelvis including physical/emotional/sexual abuse, birth trauma, abdominal or pelvic surgeries
  • feeling disconnected from your body
  • feeling unsafe or unsupported in your life

Casie will also give an in depth look at the energetic components and associations housed in pelvis, discussing the great potential for deep healing that working with these energy centers can provide.  Casie will describe the chakra system, the connection to the emotional body, and role trauma/ micro-trauma can play in our bodies and lives with a special emphasis on the pelvic bowl.  

This lecture will conclude with a brief guided meditation and time for questions.  Come explore how pelvic floor work and exploration may be the missing link in your healing.