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Retreat To Your Root: A Yoga-based Retreat for Body, Mind, and Soul Healing of the Pelvic Floor


Retreat to Your Root and reach for the stars at Cactus Moon Retreat Center in Joshua Tree, CA! Join Casie Danenhauer PT, DPT and CYT for a retreat focused on pelvic health, the pelvic floor, and the healing the divine feminine.  The weekend will feature yoga-based methods addressing pelvic health concerns and healing pelvic floor dysfunction.  Retreat to Your Root is open to women with interest in pelvic health and is specifically designed towards those with pelvic pain, issues with bowel/bladder/sexual function, or are just curious about the mind-body connection.   

Casie will include daily in-depth instructions in physical yoga postures as well as a variety of breathing techniques and meditations specifically to benefit the pelvic floor.  In an effort to share her passion of holistic healthcare she will also lead educational discussions on topics including pelvic floor anatomy and physiology, the mind/body connection related to pelvic pain, the energetic connections to the pelvic floor, and the main purpose of the retreat; the importance of self-care and inner-work.

Retreat to Your Root weekends are opportunities to retreat and spend dedicated time to heal yourself, connect with a community familiar with pelvic health, and explore ways in which you might benefit from taking a more holistic approach to wellness.