What Does A Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Visit Look Like?

Welcome to my first video blog! This post was inspired by my previous blog posted in February 2017 about the sexual abuse cases involving Dr. Larry Nassar and and what is now known to be over a 150 young female athletes. In light of the recent sentencing of Nassar I have been contacted by multiple organizations and individuals asking me for clarification about what pelvic floor PT actually is. After responding to several of these inquiries it dawned on me that this information will be useful for me to share in a broader format for a wider audience... so here’s my response discussing the standards of care in PT and what a pelvic floor PT visit should look at and entail.  

This is great info for any potential pelvic floor PT patient who might feel nervous or hesitant about scheduling an appointment or exploring this as a viable treatment option.  Listen as I demystify what can feel like a very intimidating experience.

I should note that one thing I didn't discuss in this video was pelvic floor PT for minors which was a big concern in the Nassar case. A guardian should always be present for any pelvic floor PT session and go through the same education and information gathering that I describes in the video during a PT session.  Internal treatment of a minor is generally not standard care especially if the minor has not been sexual active or has not had a gynecological exam, but in rare cases where it is indicated it should always be performed with a guardian in the room.

Thanks for watching and cheers to healthy pelvic floors and getting the care you deserve!