People, Products, & Resources


It takes a village for holistic health! Below are some of my favorite and most trusted practitioners/providers, products, and resources. I've found that a well equipped and multidimensional team lead by the patient is the the most successful route towards health and wellness and a life unlimited by pelvic floor dysfunction.


My Favorite People

Finding the right team of people whether it's a physician, physical therapist, acupuncturist, body-worker, yoga teacher, or energy healer etc. is a challenge. These are the people I trust with my patients (and my own health) to be on my team and provide excellent care.

My Favorite Products

From lubes to dilators to massage tools, sex toys, and yoga props here are the products I use in the clinic and recommend to clients (and friends and anyone else who will listen!) Note: some of these are affiliate links because I love endorsing the brands and companies I trust!


Online Resources and Books

Many heads are better than one and I am constantly on a mission to learn more and provide as many resources as possible to my patients. Love all of these resources and books that are helping to spread the good word about pelvic health, the mind-body connection, and holistic health perspectives.