When I think about my mental and physical state before I began PT with Casie, I remember all the pain and uncertainty in my life. When I had my first appointment with her I felt a hope that I hadn’t felt before. She made me feel comfortable talking about the most intimate parts of my life. I was able to be honest and open and not be embarrassed about anything I said. Casie has a great sense of humor but also a deep compassion for her clients. During the course of my treatment I learned so much. She taught me the origin of pain, ways to deal with in in my brain, and yoga poses/breathing techniques that I am able use on a daily basis. I learned about how to train my bladder to be able to wait and not run to the bathroom every time I think I need to (boy is it nice to not have that anxiety any more!)
— K.D.
“I went to Retreat to Your Root last year and it changed my life completely. Only one year later and I’m healthier, happier, training to be a health coach, and have started a new job. Of course I had to go back for a reunion [second Retreat to Your Root with Casie and Dustienne Miller]. I’m so glad I’m on this journey and so thankful to have met these people.”
— P.C.
Casie is a skilled, experienced, and caring practitioner. The pelvic pain patients I’ve had in common with Casie have all raved about her.
— Alan Gordon, LCSW of the Pain Psychology Center
Casie is an amazing young woman. I hope she will always remember the lives she has touched and the healing spirit she possesses.
— D.T.
As my physical therapist, Casie’s understanding of proper physical therapy combined with her openness to incorporating my own practice of martial arts into my regimen were instrumental in my full recovery from surgery. Her skills as a physical therapist carry over into her yoga practice, making her the perfect instructor for new-comers and advanced yoga practitioners. Her attention to detail and understanding of anatomy make you feel like you are receiving one on one instruction even when in a full class.
— A.C.
I want to thank Casie for helping me towards wellness. She made what could be difficult and awkward relaxed and even soothing. She helped me laugh- her zen with a little bit of mischief is magic.
— R.F.
Casie is hands down the best pelvic pain specialist that I have met in my medical journey and she shows day to day compassion and commitment to getting her client’s better through a variety of methods. Her knowledge is unsurpassed and she has the intuitive quality needed in a pelvic care specialist to navigate the complex terrain of pain. She is the best at what she does hands down.
— A.R.
Not only has Casie helped to improve my pelvic pain, she has introduced yoga into my life which has been instrumental in my healing journey. I would highly recommend anyone suffering from pelvic pain to see Casie.
— A.G.